10 Tips For Making Magical Gummies

Here are a few tips that you may not find in every infused gummy recipe, but these tips come from experience and trial and error. Skip the mess and stress! These are the tips that will help to make infused gummies an easy breezy experience. 

1. Have a Clean Workspace

Start by getting rid of any unnecessary clutter and give your countertops a thorough wipe down. Making edibles is so much easier when you have a clean kitchen, and it helps to keep your mind zen during the process. 

2. Get Prepared

Measure all of your ingredients prior to starting and have them all in front of you ready to go (mise en place!). This is key in making sure you are prepared for success! 

Supplies: Silicone Gummy Trays, Silicone Spatula, Non-Stick Pan, Silicone Measuring Cup or Squeeze Bottle

Ingredients: Flavored Gelatin, Unflavored Gelatin (we recommend Knox), Water or Juice*, Your Infusion (see below), Flavoring** 

Infusion: (Tincture, FECO/RSO, Distillate, Coconut Oil)

* Fresh pineapple, papaya, kiwi, and mango juice all contain an enzyme that can break down the structure of the gelatin and affect the texture. Try white grape or apple juice for best results with clarity, texture, and flavor.

** Flavoring is optional. We use Lorann Oil candy flavoring. If you’re using juice you can leave this ingredient out or add it also for that extra flavor punch! 

3. Combine Your Ingredients

First add your water or juice to a non-stick pan. On the side, whisk your flavored and unflavored gelatins together so they make one uniform powder. This ensures that the unflavored gelatin mixes in evenly. 

4. Here Comes the Bloom 

Now you'll want to give the herbal gummy mixture time to fully absorb the liquid. This is called "blooming" and it will ensure a smooth texture of your finished product.

Sprinkle your powders into your cold liquid and let it dissolve for 7-10 minutes. Once the gelatin is fully bloomed and the liquid has absorbed, it will melt evenly when heated and you will have a smooth, clump-free gummy.

5. Winner Winner Let it Simmer

After your bloom, bring your mixture to a simmer on low heat (too high heat will burn the gelatin and compromise the structure). You will begin to see the mixture liquify and become less viscous. Once melted, add in your flavoring if you plan on using them.

Pro Tip! 

Once the mixture is fully melted, remove from heat and allow to cool completely and re-solidify. Repeat #5 and reheat. We've found that the 2nd time makes for a much smoother texture with the gummy. 

6. Prep Your Infusion

If you're using tincture then skip ahead to #7.

If you're planning on using FECO, RSO or Distillate that is in a syringe, you'll need to warm it up to make it easier to squeeze out. It'll also make for a smoother, more even mix. And if you're using magical coconut oil you'll want to make sure it's melted before adding to the mix.

7. Hesitate Before You Medicate

The very last thing you'll do is add your infusion to the gummy mixture. You do this after you have mixed and melted the gummy and right before it's ready to be poured. Turn the heat off and pour in your infusion and mix the ingredients evenly to distribute the medicated oil, doing your best to help ensure a homogenous mixture.

8. Put Your Trays on a Flat Surface

No matter the tray you plan on pouring your herbal gummies into, keeping it level will ensure the mixture settles completely into the silicone form. It also helps with making each piece the same size (Same size = Consistent Dosing). You can also place the silicone trays on a metal cookie sheet to make for easy transfer into the refrigerator. 

9. Pour Your Gummies

Once the gummy mixture is completely liquid and fully infused, you're ready to pour into your gummy molds. First transfer the mixture from the pan and into a silicone measuring cup or plastic squeeze bottle. It'll make it way easier for you to control your pour and not make a mess of your infusion.

10. Chill and Enjoy

Now that you have filled each mold, refrigerate until firm. The herbal gummies can set in as little as an hour depending on the brand of unflavored gelatin used, but we recommend giving them 4-5 hours or even overnight to make sure everything worked perfectly. Once firm, cover with the plastic lid to ensure they keep longer and stay fresh.

Bonus Tip!

Use sour sugar to dust your infused gummies and give them a sweet and sour coating.

Simply mix together 1 teaspoon anhydrous citric acid with 1 cup of granulated sugar and gently toss your finished gummies in it before storing. Add more citric acid as desired for a more tart flavor.