FECO, RSO, and What You Need to Know

What if the best herbal product was something you've never even heard of?

FECO is a complete game-changer for both recreational and medicinal use. Nonetheless, many people still don't have an answer to "What is FECO" and "How does it work?"

With our complete guide, you'll get answers to these questions and more. And you might just discover a product that will completely change your life!

What Is FECO?

Let's start with the most basic question. What is FECO, exactly?

FECO is actually an acronym. It stands for Full Extract Canna Oil. It is sometimes mistaken for RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), but FECO is very different and very superior.

FECO's claim to fame is that it is a concentrated, whole-plant extract. When you use it, you get a wide array of beneficial molecules and terpenes. And while FECO works well recreationally, it is mostly known for its medical properties and medical potential. 

What Does FECO Look Like?

In the world of herbal products, FECO is very unique for its appearance. It looks very dark and usually comes in syringes. Once you extract the liquid, you will notice it is very thick in its consistency.

Sometimes, this dark appearance makes new users nervous. That's because it is difficult to assess the quality of this product simply by looking at it. And you want the highest-quality FECO, especially if you require it for medical purposes.

It is possible to extract your own FECO for home use (more on this later). However, the best way to get a high-quality FECO product is to make sure you order ingredients and supplies from a trusted vendor.

How Does It Work?

We've discussed how FECO is a liquid that typically comes in a syringe. How, then, are you supposed to actually use it?

The short answer to this is that you ingest FECO orally instead of smoking it. You can place a drop of the oil directly into your mouth from the syringe or even use the syringe to put FECO into your food or drink. With either of these methods, though, be sure not to take too much: even a small dose of FECO is highly-potent!

If you don't like the natural oil form of FECO, you can also mix it with coconut oil for a better taste or add it into your own gel capsules.

How Is This Different From Other Products?

We've already touched on the main way that FECO is different from traditional herbal products: you can’t smoke it. Instead, whether it is by ingesting oil or ingesting capsules, you must take this product orally.

Another way FECO is different from traditional TH- products is the way it is created. It comes mainly from the flowers of the plant and is extracted via special solvents such as grain alcohol. Afterward, you are left with FECO that is much more highly concentrated than other TH- products. Whether you are more interested in the recreational or medicinal possibilities, this means you're really getting some "bang for your buck."

Bang for Your Buck

Even with the increasing legalization of recreational and medical herb, the truth is that the product remains expensive. If you intend to use these products on a regular basis, you may naturally gravitate to products that offer you the best return on your investment.

And this is an area where FECO really shines. Most patients who use FECO for medical purposes take a dose that is no larger than the size of a grain of rice. And this little amount is enough to offer pain relief and other benefits for the entirety of the day!

As with any other similar product, you may eventually need to use more of this to get the same experience after continuous use. But no matter how much you end up using, it's possible to make a syringe of FECO last a good, long time compared to other herbal products.

What makes FECO so potent? It all goes back to the extraction process we mentioned earlier. The final product brings you a combination of molecules and terpenes that creates the most versatile recreational and medicinal product available.

What Makes Good FECO?

Earlier, we mentioned how the dark appearance of the oil makes it difficult to tell good FECO from bad FECO. That leads to a simple question: what makes good FECO?

Generally speaking, you'll want a product that was created from organic herb. And you'll want something where the final product was industry-certified, so you can be sure you are getting real quality.

Otherwise, what makes "good" FECO is largely a matter of personal preference. Some users hate FECO with additional additives, but additives such as terpenes can enhance medical effectiveness.

As with other herbal products, FECO is available in different concentrations of TH- and CB-. These different concentrations will have different effects on your body and mind, and it may take some "trial and error" to find the combination that is "just right."

True connoisseurs may care about the original strain of plant that the FECO was extracted from. In some cases, this can change the exact effects that FECO has on your body.

Plenty of different factors go into what makes "good" FECO. The most important thing is that you find the product that is best for you and your needs.

Better Than the Alternatives

Speaking of preferences, many users think that FECO is better than other extraction methods such as butane or CO2-based extractions. Considering those other methods are more popular than FECO, how can we tell that FECO is the better product?

It all comes down to two big factors: the aroma and the potency.

One of the curious things about the plant is that it retains the signature smell across many forms. And generally speaking, the stronger the smell, the more potent the product.

BHO and CO2-based extractions produce a product with less aroma and less potency than FECO oil. Ultimately, this is a difference that you can both feel and smell!

Dangers of Home Extraction

Believe it or not, there is a strong "strain" (so to speak) of DIY energy in the canna community. Rather than getting everything from a dispensary, plenty of users like to create their own products.

It's entirely possible to create your own FECO at home. However, we recommend against doing so for several reasons unless you have the right equipment.

The first reason is the general unpredictability of the final product. Using different flowers and different strains may make for a fun experiment, but you may or may not get the potent quality you desire.

The second reason flows from the first. Short of your own industrial testing laboratory, it can be difficult to assess whether you've created truly high-quality FECO.

Safe Extraction

If you really want to create your own FECO at home, we've got good news. With the right equipment, you can make this process easy and safe!

With the Magical Butter Machine, you can safely extract from different herbs and you can create a tincture that can be reduced to a FECO. Throw in some herbal ingredients from a trusted vendor, and you can make high-quality FECO whenever you want!

Then you can use your infusion to create butters, lotions, and edibles in the Magical Butter Machine. To see how you can make the best flower even better, check out our recipes today!