Why You're Paying Too Much For Dispensary Edibles

Bud isn't cheap. And if you're a big fan, this is probably something you've known for a while.

On the west coast of the United States, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.17 to $0.23 per milligram of T-C. But that's just the baseline. Often, this comes to be about $2-$5 per dose, which is labeled on the package itself. Bottom line: you're spending too much on edibles.

So that often means paying a pretty penny for an edible. For a package of cookies, for example, you may pay anywhere from $20-$30 for ten small cookies. Or, you expect to cough up the same prices for a bag of a few fruit chews or hard candies.

If you're not making edibles yourself, chances are you're spending too much on them. Let's break down why you're spending so much, and what you can do to remedy it. Read the rest of the article to learn more.  

Why Are Edibles So Popular?

There are many reasons why edibles are so popular, but one is because they last so long in your system. Unlike smoking and vaping, edibles can stay in your system for six to eight hours.

This is perfect for those who want their recreational high to last longer, or for those who are using TH- in conjunction with CB- to help mitigate a variety of issues.

Additionally, edibles are so popular because they're just delicious.

Most people think of brownies when they think of edibles. And that's fair; most people's first experience with edibles is with brownies. Often, they were made by a teenager, or perhaps yourself as an adolescent. That fact alone doesn't mean they're bad, but at a young age of experimentation, you also probably don't know that much about dosage and how to make a good edible.

As such, most people's experiences with edibles are brownies that are dosed either way too strong or spread out through the brownies. The latter often meant that you would have to eat the entire pan in order to feel the effects.

But edibles can be made of almost anything, as long as the recipe calls for oil. That's another reason why they're so popular; you can literally have anything from infused brownies to a classy infused bisque.

Edibles are so versatile, which is partially why their popularity endures.

Are All Edibles the Same?

Nope. All edibles are not created equal; well, at least in the eye of the beholder. Instead, you'll have to choose your favorite recipe to pick the superior one for you.

But edibles are not all the same, in that edibles consumed sublingually don't take the standard 30 to 60 minutes to feel the effects. Instead, edibles like gums, lozenges, and lollipops hit you immediately because the TH- is consumed by the mucus membranes in your mouth.

While you may have your preferences for which edible is the tastiest, you may wish to consume different edibles for different occasions.

The Cold, Hard Cash: Why Do Edibles Cost So Much?

Depending on the edible, there are lots of reasons. We've already shown how much the herb itself costs per milligram in an edible, but that's only one aspect of the pricing. There are several other aspects, which we'll breakdown now.

Of course, we can't tell you exactly how much 10-milligram gummies costs, for example, because it is going to be different at each dispensary and will vary from state to state. Even different dispensaries are going to price bulk items differently, just like how you'd find Oreos that cost more or less at different grocery stores. 

The Ingredients

When you're buying an edible, chances are you're buying something that you actually want to eat. It's rare that you would buy something that tastes awful in order to get high when you can have so many things that taste absolutely delicious.

But ingredients aren't always cheap, and you already know that most of the "good stuff" that goes into products costs money as well. If you're buying gourmet brownies, for example, that's going to factor into the cost.

Even if you're not buying something that's extra fancy, the supplier will still need to pay for their ingredients. No matter if it's fancy or just gets the job done for you, there is a cost factor for it. 

The Labor Cost

When you buy an item, you don't just buy it at cost, as in you don't simply factor in the cost of ingredients and then that gets you how much most edibles cost. In a capitalist society, you'll have to pay for people's labor as well. After all, you don't go to work an expect to not receive payment for the work you do.

As such, there's a markup for those who made the edibles, even if it's just the dispensary that did so. 

The Markup

Finally, edibles have a markup attached to them. That's so that the dispensary can turn a profit when they sell the items, not end up in the red. Anyone running a business is going to markup items, meaning the end cost to you is much more expensive.  

The Price of Topicals

Although topicals are different than edibles, they're not cheap either, and you're probably overpaying for them as well. Topicals can help people feel relaxed, as well as work as part of their skincare regiment.

But they're not cheap either. While how much you want to invest in lotions, skincare, and topical pain relief is up to you, you won't find cheap topicals.

Instead, you can expect to pay around the $50 price point for 200 milligrams of the product itself, not the CB- in it.  

The Solution to Spending Too Much on Edibles: Make Them Yourself

Making edibles yourself may sound intimidating, especially if you don't have a lot of experience in the kitchen. But don't worry, you can make edibles with almost anything that you can make from oil. And if you purchase a kit to help you get started, you'll be well on your way in no time.

While the initial cost of our kit isn't cheap, $200 is about 8 bags of gummies or cookies you can buy at most dispensaries. Plan to buy more than 8 bags? Save money by spending it, to begin with.

Additionally, the herb itself to put in your edibles might be on the expensive side, but it goes a long way; much longer than you might think. And after making your own edibles, you'll have a ton leftover to eat at a later date; much more than the 10 tiny cookies or brownie bites you might buy at the dispensary. 


The Price of Ingredients

The price of your ingredients isn't going to be too expensive, about what you would pay to make any other type of dessert or food. The only major expense will be the herb.

If you're not big on baking or don't see yourself as a chef, you can actually still save money by buying the cooking kits you can get at the grocery store and infusing them with herb. If you have already invested in the Magical Butter Machine, it won't even take you that much more time.

You can also use our Magical Butter Machine to help you make items like topicals, saving you big bucks down the line.

Saving Money On Your Edibles

If you're habitually buying edibles at a dispensary, we can confidently tell you that you're spending too much on edibles. Cut the price down considerably by making them at home. A small investment now will add up to big savings later.

For those that are serious with their savings, you may want to consider investing in growing your own herb. With our machines and your herb, it won't cost you much at all to begin making edibles and making them as often as you like.

Click here to see some of our edible recipes to give yourself an idea of how versatile they can be.