What is a topical and how do I make it?

What is a topical and how do I make it?

A topical is any infused lotion, ointment, balm, or oil that is applied to the skin for external use. You can buy topicals at shops and dispensaries, but making your own topicals is easy, saves you money, and allows you to customize them to fit the needs of your body. 

Making topicals at home is easy with a laboratory-grade botanical extractor like the MagicalButter MB2e. The process can be simplified into three steps.

How to make an herbal infused topical:

  • Step one: Heat herbs to increase the bioavailability of active components
  • Step two: Infuse/extract active ingredients from herbs into an oil or alcohol base
  • Step three (optional): Mix additional ingredients into base to make a finished topical 

Making your own topicals allows you to be creative and experiment with what works best for you. 

Get started making your own herbal-infused hand salve, soap, bath bombs and more by exploring our collection of MagicalButter Topical recipes!